Exploding Stove

kungfugrippe has a new look and Merlin launched explodingstove as the new refrigerator for to which I will magnet most of my fingerpainting about web stuff, content management, project management, and Macs… Why it was necessary I don’t know, but it was good of him to try out all the OS PHP CMS’s for me before I had to. But he was right when he said one of the biggest factors that keeps a lot of people I know from using open source portal sites at all is that they all look like “one of those sites.” in this important post where he also says I doubt I’m alone in thinking MT has really raised the bar for what non-nerds expect from content management, and I’d be interested to hear what others think–especially writers, non-developing designers, and other non-nerds. Which is exactly where I’m coming from with SWM…I want a very simple, easy to implement CMS for creative people. So far I’m still having to either build it myself or figure some plug-in for some existing app…sigh…{aside: I am about to do a major MT deployment for one of the sites I do pro-bono, for my own information and because it will fit their CM needs; but overall I think MT is headed down the wrong path with the piles of needless blogdom features and not creating a solid CM platform, as they easily could.}