Last night the other story Chuck told was about a reality TV show idea he has.

Today’s blogfodder is If your life was a reality show, what would the premise be?

Of course I’ve already mentioned TV!TV!

Yesterday’s Calvin and Hobbes pretty much says it:

I’ve watched exactly 1 hour of TV since we moved to our new apartment in September. Last July and August were banner months for TV watching for me. Wouldn’t be so pinched right now if it weren’t for that. But still, it is safe to say that if it weren’t for two events–the Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia, both of which weren’t even on TV in the USA until recently–I would watch less TV in one year than most people do in a week.

That’s why I love the web. It appeals to my very short attention span, but I am actually reading after all.

From Design for Community by Derek M. Powazek, a quote from Howard Rheingold:

And if there’s more noise in the channel than there is information, then people will abandon it. It will be less useful. You know, television was once regarded as the great educational medium of the future, and the early years showed a great deal of promise, and then, you know, it gradually became crap. Will that happen here, too? There will always be groups who are strongly motivated to use a medium. But will it be a mass medium such as print in which there is a widespread literacy? I think that’s the most important question about the future.