Bosnian Art Linkfest

The official artreach foundation website (and Bosnian specific page, although all their work thusfar has been there)

two personal pages on artreach bosnia

more photos–some great ones like this one of the Sarajavo tunnel with a page about the tunnel which has links to this BBC article on the tunnel and this Radio Netherlands article which has this Real Audio report (14min 40sec long) that I will have to check out sometime and finally this page which led me to

Virtual Reality: Young Artists in Post-war Sarajevo

This site rocks!</b> Check out all of it!

…Which led me to the Sarajevo Center for Contemporary Arts, which has some amazing online installations, can’t imagine what the actual center is like!

and Media Center Sarajevo which has a lot of great things, this links page, and a media library–specifically a video library–that I am definately going to have to check out once we’re there.

and the Sarajevo Film Festival, which I think I’ve linked to in the past actually

The University of Sarajevo (english site) (cool flash intro on their homepage) (here’s the actual english home page of the university, I linked to their Sarajvo/BiH info page before)

Miss Sarajevo, performed as part of Pavarotti & Friends TOGETHER FOR THE Children of Bosnia, via the warchild website, “a network of independent organisations
working across the world to help children affected by war.”

miss sarajevo

Sarajevo Stories on Radio Netherlands, again with Real Audio.

u2 concert sarajevo

Exquisite Corpse–Sarajevo Notes

minefield maps from 1996, just in case you were wondering how bad it was

beautiful, eh?

a diary, images, and links re: sarajevo

here is day one of the diary, with links on to the rest of the days, images with each entry