Feb Sevenmag

the feb issue of seven is now up. it deals with social action and activism.

i highly recommend dan hughes’ piece, Empire, Terrorism and The Other Kingdom. amazing writer that dan.

i wrote a piece on pacifism, one i started but did not publish on this blog, Working out Pacifism: the unreality of impossibility.

you can see the post that started it all, in its original entirety now, here. it differs a little bit from the seven article, i’m obviously more pleased with the finished product over at seven. the original post is there now just for historical reasons, if you’re really interested in reading the very rough first draft. i meant to write about Intelligent Consumption for the issue, but it’s just not written yet and this pacifism thing just kinda came out after an evening with some Bosnians. the pictures in the article are from the haviv photoessay i blogged about yesterday.

i also posted the full post on blogging