Guilt and Innocence

…mean nothing down here. There is no justice. Only the powerful and the weak. i.e.

Milosevic trial a legal marathon

On a number of occasions Mr Milosevic spent far more time on subjecting witnesses to questioning than the prosecution did in presenting the evidence against him.

Mr Milosevic has given every appearance of relishing the chance to cross-examine witnesses.

On more than just a few occasions he scored valuable points by undermining the reliability of some of those testifying against him.</em>

No fast track at Guantanamo Bay

A year ago the first al-Qaeda suspects arrived at the US prison camp in Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. They arrived in hoods and shackles, described by the US as the “worst of the worst”.

The Bush administration is still holding some 650 prisoners on Guantanamo Bay without charging them, and with no immediate plans to let them go.

The White House refuses to classify them as prisoners of war or give them a trial. As well as large numbers of Afghans and Pakistanis, there are Britons and Australians at the camp.

Conditions at the prison are grim. The detainees have no access to families or lawyers and they are only allowed out of their tiny cells for two 15-minute exercise breaks every week.</em>