Power Importance and All the Trappings


last night we went to the slovak embassy for a piano concert by one of the premier slovak pianists. it was quite the contrast after the last two major folk concerts i went to {folk in the sense of “for the regular folks”}


  1. all art has intellectual and emotional aspects. but high art is more intellectual than folk/pop art and folk/pop art is more emotional than high art. imho. high art is more intellectually stimulating. i can’t listen to much classical music while working, but if i take a break and just listen to classical music, it stimulates a million thoughts and new ways of approaching things. even last night the pianist, when she spoke, seemed to feel a need to make metaphorical statements about everything (even the flowers she received at the end).

  2. somehow i am able to appreciate all these different types of art, equally but differently. i remember, i have no idea how, but i think it was middle school, i found out about, and got into, kronos quartet. my parents took me to a kronos concert based on that interest, which was a very cool thing to do as parents, i must say. also, one of my favorite pieces of music of all time is a classical piece.

  3. did you know that andy warhol was of slovak decent? did you know the slovak embassy has some warhol work on its walls?

  4. i wanted to take a picture of the spread available after the concert (but there were too many ravenous slovaks {and americans} huddled around it). veal, salmon, wine, liquor. my thought: “Slovak taxpayers’ money at work!” i had one piece of cake and some water.

  1. took this pic on the way home. those of us who use public transportation, particularly the various subway systems in urban areas, share a common bond that suburban drivers cannot understand. everytime i see a picture from a subway on the web i relate. the commonality, the closeness of experience of a group of people in a metro car is so opposite of one or two people in a car, isolated from the rest of the world, frustrated because they cannot travel fast enough. in a car you are in control but you are not in control, you can only go as fast as traffic allows. on the metro, you are at the mercy of the train schedule. you might as well just relax. the train is coming in 5 minutes. driving: isolation, frustration, high blood pressure, apathy, death. subway: exposure, risk, shared experience, commonality, life. {you should’ve been there the morning of the protests! smashing room only and a serious amount of energy on that train! everyone happy as can be, even without room to hardly breathe.} i’m going to spend a day on the metro snapping pics one of these days. call it an installation. the result will be some of the most interesting pictures and people i have ever captured. go try doing that on I-95.


my itin for today:

  1. stop fucking blogging

  2. play the fucking guitar (for the 2nd time in 3 weeks)

  3. take a shower before fucking 12 noon

  4. stop saying the word fuck (as an adjective at least)

05. deploy moveabletype on christianpornmachine dot com 06. discover the {information} architectural panacea that will make SWM simple yet powerful and just ****ing brilliant.
  1. deploy said architecture on islandwatersports.com, sevenmagazine.org, and danielsjourney.com update: we are finally ready to roll over there. a billable day is a good thing!

no problem. 7 things. the number of perfection!