Re the New Look

I mentioned a relatively big change a few days ago; well, here it is. I am not trying to jump on the bandwagon with moving my links to another column, but there are just a lot of links I don’t want to comment on, just point to, and would distract from the “main” column. Elsewhere is a new category (you might have already noticed) that contains commented-on links.

I have little idea how this looks in Mozilla or Safari/on Mac. If it complete shite please contact me!

I think that the design section of the site is going to suffer until I give it some attention. I changed by a lot the style sheet that all the site’s pages reference. I’ll get to that part of the site this coming week. I’m not too worried about it.

Also of note is the amount of code and HTML eliminated in the new design. I consolidated both to about 2/3rds their former Kbytes. More optimization is yet to come.