Though you missed it, last night was the Grammy Awards. In case you’ve never heard of ‘em, the Grammys for the past few years have been an unsuccessful reality show in which a group of graying music industry executives heap every conceivable award upon a just-out-of-high-school female singer in the hopes of demonstrating to the world that the recording industry is alive and well…

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…I was going to use my blog to pundicize about the Grammys and how they are such a fucking farce, a cog in the industry machine as predictable as the next single you are going to hear on your favorite radio station. (I can hear the Sony accountant now, “Sir, does payola go under ‘Discretionary Fund’ or the petty cash allotment for your Ferrari’s detailing?”) But Adam Felber did a pretty good job there of summing things up. I will say that at least Norah Jones is on Blue Note records; but her sweep just proves one again that it only takes one tune to take home 5 Grammys.