Semantic Blogging

oo oo oo oo oo.

i have been researching and learning a lot in this area lately…my “to read” favorites folder, where i queue articles i need to read but don’t immediately have time for, has 31 items in it right now (“to blog,” incidentally, has 34)…and the idea behind SWM has always been for it to be a semantic-based CMS. well, of course i’m not the only one. something to keep your eye on:

JemBlog The idea is to build the skeleton of a server-side blogging system along the lines of the core of Movable Type etc. The difference being that the model used behind the scenes is RDF, so true semantic blogging is possible.

basically, i’m pushing back a public beta of SWM until i can get a handle on this stuff and a development partner.

i’m hopeful for finding help in sarajevo, if the war/postwar braindrain isn’t too bad, i’m sure there are some hardcore techies in need of some side gigs. if you want to run SWM for your site (like, if you like what you see here and think you could use it), i am still hoping for a private alpha late-spring/early-summer…basically it will be all the tools, but you’ll still have to build the site up yourself. …still, it won’t be as laborious as MT. :)