it’s snowing again. it’s gonna snow until saturday. (updated 2:19PM 6:07PM)

jesus, what’s the deal? you know, it has never been the cold, or the hot, or the seasons that bothered me…it is the length of the seasons…i hated the fact that the butt-crack hot season in florida is 5 months long, and i hate that winter is 4 months long here. in december i liked the cold and snow. i could like it again in a few months if i had a break. in heaven it’s not going to be just nice all the time, just each season will be shorter.

Update: You know, this is the reason I left the north…totally not the cold itself, but the duration of the season…I have like no energy right now! My lifestyle doesn’t even change that much now (before I was a bigtime bike racer so winter put a damper on it), all I do is stare at a computer or read or run errons anymore…but there’s just something about a late Feb snowstorm that just drags me right down. By the way, I love when people dismiss global warming when the winter is bad…did you know that global warming accounts for harsher winter storms as well?

global warming sounds fine - what harm could it cause, besides a decline in thermal underwear sales? As it turns out, plenty. Severe winter storms: Since the mid 1970s, the frequency of severe winter storms in Canada has nearly doubled. Models predict that future winters will boast fewer weak storms, but increasing numbers of very severe storms

Update2: Got out and about this afternoon which helped tremendously. Also going to Tom Conlon concert tonight, which is cool. Should’ve been a double bill, me opening for him, but instead he’s opening for another band and the gig is in the burbs. Oh, well, can’t have everything go your way.

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