Josh Joplin

Last night after playing the Whitlow’s open mic, I went next door to see John Athayde play IOTA. He played an absolutely stand-up-knock-down set, perhaps the cleanest I’ve heard from him. He was opening for someone I’d never heard of, although I had heard his single…

Josh Joplin …He looked pretty much like he does in this picture–at least on stage, the Sussudio-era Phil Collins thing (aside: as opposed to the 70’s Phil). Before and after his performance, though, he was sporting serious Run DMC threads–a blue Adidas track suit and a hat. He was awesome. He gave me both his CD’s for 9 clams.

I highly recommend his latest, which is actually not the one with his big single, Camera One (mp3), on it; but check out some of these lyrics:

From Trampoline on that latest record, The Future That Was<blockquote>Some people wish

they could be like Moses

And get their information

from burning bushes

Well I tried

but the neighbors complained

I set their lawns aflame </blockquote>Or the title track from the same:<blockquote>Jesus

the world is falling to pieces

Will you come back

and be our hero and release us?

And if so, will you get your own show?

And we’ll be saved and well behaved

And you’ll be famous</blockquote>Also check out I Am Not The Only Cowboy (…in this one-horse metaphor) or The Wonderful Ones.

Coolest things were his little stories he told between songs, like a true troubadour. He spoke against the war with a non-affronting wit. The very last song of the night? This Land is Your Land, we, the audience, singing along, of course.