Re Bosnia

Here are some notes I took at a recent area studies class regarding Bosnia, specifically it’s government, Dayton, and keeping the peace:

Dayton has left Bosnia ungovernable as written.

There are 13 prime ministers in BiH.

International soldiers, once 400,000, currently 20,000, planned decrease to 10,000.<blockquote>The principle of conflict-of-interest hasn’t been well established in Bosnia.</blockquote>I can add that that is the case is most of the eastern block.


I also take little notes and write questions to myself during such times. For example:

Time stood still

clock broke at 1 exactly but the sec. hand kept moving</em>

? How do I, as a civilian, culturally, teach people, communicate:

-peace vs. fear

-humanity vs. nationality


There is tremendous multi-ethnic cooperation in organized crime.