Anniversary Card

What does a web installation artist do for his 5-year wedding anniversary? He makes a web-based, multimedia “card” of course. Nothing too glamorous, no Flash or anything, just the usual stuff. Miriam wanted me to put it on the web…guess she liked it. :) Another disclaimer today: Even though I’ve spent the last couple days smashing it all down from its very-high-bandwidth original version for this compressed-and-optimized version, it is still going to use some serious bandwidth. Tourists and first-timers to this space will probably underappreciate the inside jokes, and this would be a waste of both of our bandwidths. Those who do know us, or would like to know more about us, please proceed.

5 Years

In other news–shows tonight and tomorrow night. Busy boy. Hope to see you. I will be playing my heart out. Right out onto the floor at your feet.