Last Night

The show was ok last night–the Zebra is a very swanky lounge in Georgetown, and somehow Americana music with lyrics like

don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful
there are those with social success that they call being blessed


a house in the 'burbs and a bitchin SUV is how I'm never gonna wind up (mp3)

just didn’t seem to resonate. Dunno why?! Yeah, especially

short fat men in khakis jerk off

with the short guy in khakis. Maybe tonight will go off better.

Millions of thanks to John for the opp…his very clean set of delay-heavy (I quote myself: “We love delay”) and intrincate tunes meshed a tad bit more with the ambient electronica house music that played before and after our set. He even managed two Buckley covers.

I wrote a little, by hand (don’t know how Chuck does it, but it’s ok), during John’s set. This is really sad: I haven’t written (fiction) since last summer. Last night I wrote 1/2 of a (very short) bit I started thinking about at Greenbelt last year. I was going to write it there for a session they had for writers. Never happened. Really never happened. It is crazy, pathetic, and mostly sad that I just now got around to writing it.

Anyway, I very well may read it tonight in-between some songs. I’ll post it tomorrow just for something to do.

The rest of the highlights from last night:

Thanks Mike for making it out for my set. Always better to play for 1-4 than none.

The guys bathroom smelled really nice. They had an appropriately swanky plug-in smelly thing in there.

Played two covers, both by Jews. I’m all about ethnic diversity. Oh yeah. Funny bit: I mentioned that Lukewarm was a “punk song by a Jewish guy” which got a bit of a rise out of a (Jewish?) woman who was (actually!) listening. I had to explain that there is a lyric in the second verse that required that context.

Forgot my set list, so I had to make it up from memory. Here’s how it ended up: Numb Us, Just Say Yes, Really Need a Chorus, Gospel Song, Lukewarm, The Future That Was (totally was not going to play that song, but played it spot on w/o lyrics anyway–woohoo!), Closed for the Year, American Dream Town. Of course there were stories in-between songs too.

Way more of the same, with even more earnest feelings, tonight! C u there!