Tangent 2 That Did Not End Up in Last Post

I had a conversation yesterday which wasn’t weird or disturbing per say, but it did make me wonder about who’s reading this blog and what they may think or do based on that reading (since I’ve been called a missionary and a diplomat in the past couple of months it’s obvious things aren’t clear or can be made up from the white space in between words).

I stopped talking about politics, whatever little talking I was doing about it anyway, last July when we moved to DC. My emotions and conscience, however, have still been a frequent topic; and, especially lately, said emotions and conscience have been troubled by {}.

But talking about it here doesn’t help. So I’m not. Just go read theyblinked.

While the world outside swarms around us I will be spending more time alone, looking inward and upward.

The time for begging leaders is over. It is time to beg God.