Love It

Turns out my little temporary installation did get some response out of people. I got a few emails about it, but online it did make one small ripple.

It was mentioned on signposts, and a nice discussion followed (thanks Dan for defending me!), which led to a warblogger talking about it, and another nice discussion.

I of course love any reaction that my art creates, so I was stoked to see this. I only have one response:

My “Thou Shalt Not Kill” installation was art. It wasn’t a complete treatise on the position of the Old Testament in regards to killing. It was a simple statement. I did not even know if there was a translation of the bible that put it that way–although I thought the fact that it was the King James would appease the conservative crowd (ha ha).

Please do yourself a favor and take art for what it is. Give that left brain of yours a rest and take the right side out for a walk every now and again.