I Love Bragging About M

I know this might get old for the rest of you not married to her, but I just have to tell you about this one thing: Miriam right now is reading like her 4th book written entirely in Bosnian. This latest one is written by a Bosnian, but it is presented as the translation of letters written between an American aid worker in Bosnia and his gay lover back home, complete with translation notes. Take that David-Foster Wallace.

Here is a bit from when the American found a note written in English on his windshield:<blockquote>…dont park andr maj balkoni. If aj dont let to san of maj nejbrs tu parking hije, vaj aj šud let ju?

I nou det ju mejk fri maj kantri, and aj nou det ju a kipers of auer bradrhud end junihud, but this is maj andrbalkoni teritori. Aj šel fajting for that teritori…

Bat, if ju ask mi for premišn, aj vil eloud ju tu parking andr maj balkoni. Bikouz, aj em – merhametli. Ther is nou ingliš vord for merhametli, ajem šur. It is min det aj hev a gud soul.</blockquote>Just keep reading it outloud until you start getting it. It’s totally funny.