Iain Archer

sticky music: iain archer

One night during the last greenbelt fest I hung out with this cat until the wee morning hours. And I mean the wee fooking mrnin’ ‘ours. He (among others) was very pissed, and somewhere someone has some video, shot with the night/low-light lens, some of it shot by me, some of it featuring me, of us all being very loud and silly. But before that we talked for a couple hours about music and everything else under the sun. His wife’s name is Miriam too. He had played with Bill Mallonee earlier that day and that was the first time I saw him.

Anyway, today I stumbled upon stickymusic via jonny and was like holy shite! He also has records out on ICC but I couldn’t find them on that site, nor more mp3’s. But check out the sticky site for mp3’s…And hopefully I’ll see Iain again this year…and hopefully I’ll be playing myself at GB–I’m reading about Iain and listening to Tom Petty–I HAVE to go record my demo for GB RIGHT NOW. C YA!

Update: Reader and venue booking agent for GB Harvey Jessop emailed me a link to a newer Iain mp3 on delicatessen-reading.org.uk. Here is the page with the link to the mp3 on it. Also of note on the site is the Bill Mallonee page which uses one of my photos without attribution. ahem ..ah well I’m sure it will be rectified…he was good enough to point it out anyway. :)