Data Loss

In the last two days I have been unable to locate two files that were of some importance at the time (in both cases I have moved to contingencies or dealt with it). I really hope there is another spindle of CDRs getting shipped from storage right now. I can’t remember from last June.

10 months is definately over the limit for temporary living conditions. We are both so ready to get settled with all our things in Sarajevo. That said, I think we’ve done a stand up job in the interim. How many of you would:

  • Watch DVD’s on your computer while laying on your bed, which is comprised of two foam mattresses.

  • Dresser: cardboard boxes stacked on top of one another.

  • Stereo: computer speakers.

  • Music studio: one corner of living room.

  • Office: another corner of living room.

  • Library: another corner of living room.

  • Chairs, total: 5–2 goodwill, 3 borrowed.

  • Total working surface: I dunno, maybe 3m^2. Everything else gets done on the floor.