Last Night

…I experienced the highlight of my music performing career, at an open mic in front of 100 people (including the pool and darts players). (A career, just for those that might not know, that has included performances in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Florida in front of audiences of 300, 600, and 450, respectively.)

This happened at an open mic, and by the fourth song (of an etiquette-smashing 7 song set), it had made its way to the top seat in this personal music hall-o’-fame.

This happened because of community. This happened because handfuls of people I did not know last June allowed me to be a part of their lives and vice versa. This happened because through artistry–not music, genre, class, or success (however that is measured), but through artistry–a group of people can have a connection that transcends our mere existences in this consuming, brainwashed world.

Enough of that. Here are some highlights and pics:

  • 1st ever standing-O/encore at the open mic

  • goodbye cake (thanks Court)

  • spontaneous jam session & sing along

  • all my peps in one room

This is it people! Fame and better food will not satisfy!

All pics by Miriam Miller:

The crowd. I love how this shot came out.

One of 2 percussionists to spontaneously drop into the groove and help me out. I also had the help of John on the lead electric guitar. In the background: darts players.