Again at the Airport

Check the new Euro date format: And time format, 24hr time.

We are again in the Vienna airport.

Two years ago we were in this airport and we spent the night on a bench. We told ourselves we would never do that again. This time around was much more pleasant.

Just had some nice espresso and juice with mineral water at a cafe near the entrance; now I’m at the gate and guess what’s here? Starts with “Star” and ends with “bucks”. :P

Don’t think Bosnia will have any of those, though. :)

Some random thoughts:

My biggest pet peeve with Europe: paying to go to the bathroom. In my mind, one shouldn’t have to pay to piss. Just me. Just my opinion. I think I am going to start a list of public bathrooms in Europe, i.e. Vienna main train station: pay, Vienna airport: no pay.

Sitting here looking at the line of passengers waiting to get on our flight. A couple of Danish soldiers (Update: one went to Skopje (Macedonia), the other to Sarajevo…interesting). A pair of American contractors just walked by. I wonder what their jobs are. Update: Didn’t find out what their jobs were, but overheard enough conversation to discern that they were working for the military and were in fact retired military themselves.

Smoke allergies: Miriam’s started acting up today after a few days in it. I wish I hadn’t started socially smoking, because in Europe, everyone socially chain-smokes. But actually, constantally smelling smoke is a good deterrant to smoking. Bosnia is supposedly the smokiest country in all of Europe, too. Update: Not sure about this; smokey, but doesn’t seem worse than Vienna to me. Still, indoor public spaces will be interesting come winter…