Life Without Broadbandlife With Trans-Atlantic Pay-by-the-Minute Bosnian Dialup

Basically, if you do not have a full text RSS feed, it has become difficult enough to read your site that you have to be in my top 3-5 for me to read you every-other day and in the top 5-10 for me to read you every week. These statistics may change, but basically I’m online long enough to do email and let my newsreader (nntp//rss) download all my feeds. If your posts are not entirely in my newsreader I can’t read them, because I then disconnect and start reading. Following links has become much more selective, since I have to queue those links and bring them up during another online session.

You will notice I’ve discontinued my daily links feature. Those of you who subscribed (if any) to that RSS feed can stop now. I don’t think it’s coming back anytime soon.

You will see who already meets the full RSS criteria when I update the Links section. Those who do not fall into three categories:

There are a couple more categories, for example web magazines, who in general do not do full RSS for a couple reasons (ad revenue and length of pieces), but one notable, glorious exception is the morning news. Pure photo blogs are also “exempt”, as the images do not load until I bring up the entry in the newsreader anyway. There are also a slew of other blogs I read on occasion, more just to keep up with the person. You probably know who you are, you probly don’t know what RSS even is, and all I can say is if you do publish full RSS please let me know.

Any mp3, video, or streaming media is right out. And please also compress your pictures as much as possible.

My email servers are flaky. If you get email bounced back to you, it’s probly ok. I probly got it.

I noticed d2r got bandwidth-restricted broadband in Ireland(?)…at 4GB/month, a little more reasonable than here in Bosnia (although no mention of what he’s paying).