On So-Called Social Software From Amateur Hour

Corante’s Amateur Hour blog is one of the most important I read, and it has full-post RSS. The following from an article on social software:<blockquote>Tools to help automate knowledge working are almost non-existent. The lack of standard processes for knowledge working has meant that tools for automation are almost completely a matter of individual choice and remain strikingly primitive. The growth of ad-hoc knowledge management tools has both a symbiotic and catalytic relationship with social software.

Attempting to create a consistent vocabulary and taxonomy across an entire enterprise is misguided. It should be obvious that everyone is unique in the mental models that they create to structure their knowledge. What’s more the knowledge that workers create must be portable, for no matter how much companies would like to lock employees’ ideas away as intellectual property, the cross-pollination that occurs when people move from company to company is critical to innovation. We should be building tools to encourage innovation and collaboration, not to constrain it or control it.

This seems a domain where open data exchange standards, P2P technologies and powerful desktop computing are the right models. The integration of personal and published web content, content and concept sharing, RSS aggregation and publishing, blogging, email filtering/storage/extraction and powerful collaborative searching is bringing a real revolution in knowledge working productivity into view…</blockquote>