Notes on a Weekend Trip to Slovakia for Grandfathers Funeral

Yogurt. That’s all I’m going to say.

Miriam’s day, trip up: Bosnia–Bosnian, Croatia–Croatian, Slovenia–Croatian/English, Austria–German/English/Slovak.

A futuristic map of Bosnia. “I can see the highway–there it is! Oh, looks like it’s not quite done yet.”

“I judge a country’s progress by the quality of their road surface.”

Almost getting hit by oncoming passing traffic.

For the benefit of Americans: the new Craig David song, w/Sting, Rise and Fall.

Miriam’s mom, on the way from Vienna airport to Slovakia: “You’re, like, home here.”

M pulled over in RS.

D pulled over in Slovenia.

…Thank you dip passports. Can’t wait for dip plates.

Friday night at grandmother’s–like a wake: stories, tears, laughter, Otec’s wine…

…Otec’s legacy all around one table.

…Grandmother picking, then pealing, onions and carrots that night for Saturday lunch…life goes on…

The tape of Otec singing played at Saturday dinner.