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Just thought it worth mentioning, it’s been a feature for a while now, but if all you like on this site is Minutia, then you can just bring that up by default, or if all you want are pointers to things I find interesting, Elsewhere (assuming I keep those categories around). Either way, the complete, “current” stuff would still be in the menu to the right.

Who needs to know what time I post this crap anyway? And how often is it not me posting? Useless metadata ‘round these parts, anyway, and no longer presented. Exists, but not presented atm.

Gonna change the date format again, too, next time I reset the “current” archive next week.

Gonna implement the new SWIM in small pieces here on djdc. You probly won’t notice too much.

Gonna go to the Croatian coast this weekend with friends. Busy busy. I may or may not take my computer with me and write code.

Meeting with Java developers today.

One last thing…I can’t figure out if my hosting company is going out of business or not. It’s a long, strange story, but if the site goes down I’ll do something about it. Just a heads up.