I am having a pretty pathetic day. The weather sucks. It’s been really dark all day. The city has been invaded by some serious low cloud. I’m a little sleep deprived. I’ve woken up each of the last three mornings from the three worst dreams I’ve ever had in my life. They were even all different and equally horrible. So horrible I can’t even write about them. My webhost company’s president lost his marbles and now my site is down. The apartment is dark and cold and I am alone. We have no coffee, and I am not yet a fan of going to the caffe bar alone.

Then I read this and I laughed outloud to myself:<blockquote>You’ve fallen asleep on a beach. You are naked. You are wearing Cool Water by Davidoff. Everything is blue. Your date arrives, naked, riding bareback on a white stallion. Your date steps down from the steed. You embrace. Entwined, you enter the water. The cool, cool water. You wake up. You are covered in something that sure isn’t cool water.</blockquote>I definately have a weird sense of humor.