I ran indoor and outdoor track my senior year in high school, and have run occasionally to keep –I wouldn’t say in shape, but at least from being a couch potato. I started running last week and so far my runs around here have been pretty cool.

We live at the base of a hill (all of BiH consisting, seemingly, of hills). At the end of the block there are some old stone steps. I prefer to take those steps because if I go any further down our street, my options increasingly become running up a very steep single lane road.

After that I just pick a turn. Up this funky looking set of steps. Across this alley. Down this crazy slope. It’s at least interesting, possibly even fun. This town doesn’t disappoint in the urban mysteries dept. I’ve seen some pretty crazy structures on my little runs. I’ve notice in my experience that the steeper the grade, the more interesting the construction is, especially if said construction dates back a century or so.

Anyway, it doesn’t take long to get a good workout in; today I found the perfect route, and hopefully I can find it again: almost all steps and alleyways. The other interesting thing about running in this city? Not getting plowed by traffic on the narrow streets.