Road Diary of Michael Knotts Co-Conspiritor

Sunday night was spent relaxing after a long and rainy drive. The show last night at The New Belmot in Norfolk was interesting. Michael was performing the way he usually does to a fairly empty club. There were about fifteen to twenty people at the bar or playing pool at the back. About six songs in, a bartender came up to the stage and told Michael that he had to stop soon because he was "bumming people out". Michael said, "Too much Jesus?" and she replied with an affirmative shrug. Michael did a quick version of "Rock Stars on H" and then jumped off. He was pretty bummed out, obviously. He had noticed a couple of guys at the bar paying attention to him so he walked up to them and gave them each a CD. When we walked by them again later on the way out, the stopped him and asked him to sign it. They had really enjoyed what they saw and were pleasantly surprised because they didn't know that there would be live music that night. Another person at the bar commented on one of Michael's paintings and how she liked it. These things really made up for being asked to stop because it showed him that his music and art do reach people, even when it seems like it doesn't.

Michael Knott Spring Tour 2003