Notes on Integration Research Informational Flash Movies

Need to jot this down and no better place than here (unfortunately, really):

3 movies.

  1. intro to the problem

music: polyphonic spree? (find out how much)

start with my quote “not anti-cap….”

mountain metaphor…stick figure running up mountain, struggling, with voice overs or text indicating the different struggles in publishing in different areas (maybe one voice per industry, i.e. a female voice is saying things related to print publishing, a male things related to sound publishing)

figure gets to the top, start with salaries/positions of top artists and industry execs…“the american dream” (maybe steal 2 secs from madonna)…then (need good music transition here), starts falling down other side of “mountain”…displaying “salaries” continues, down and down to common musicians many people might know, maybe our friends too (i’m already thinking Legends, Walkingbirds, tech authors who are bloggers)…

…figure crashes at bottom of hill…equality, opportunity…mountain starts to flatten, more figures enter view

…maybe two threads to this movie, that one would have been from the artist’s perspective…maybe another from the consumer’s perspective…then bring them together at the end…allow user choice at beggining as to which to watch first…oooo

  1. the one i wrote, steve, jonny, and joel about. based on slides.

  2. need to find notes for this one…written down on plane back from dallas, somewhere…