Here Goes Nothing

Well, I stopped futzing with more intense data architecture problems with SWIM and decided to code this blog back into existence. It is much more lame than I wanted it to be, but it’s here, and I will continue to add features, up to and beyond what I had before. Once I transform my archives into the new data format (next on the list), they will be available as well.

The homepage is .html now, and I plan on keeping it that way. “Permalinks” (I hereby recommend a standard of enclosing the word “Permalink” in quotes…über-wiki and Winer flames forthcoming) go to .php, which dynamically pulls them from the data. In case, for some strange reason, you had the full path to index.php bookmarked, you may want to update to point simply to, since you never know what kind of file I might want to serve up by default.

Hello as well RSS readers. I haven’t forgotten about you! My RSS format has changed from .9x to 1.0, but hopefully you don’t have to worry about that. The file is still rss.php, if that doesn’t work there is a hard copy now at index.rdf. (Of course if the PHP version doesn’t work you won’t be reading this in your newsreader, now will you? Oh well, for future reference then.) Also my RDF is not quite well formed yet, parsable, but my <item rdf:about>, <rdf:li rdf:resource> and <link> do not point to the site yet; a limitation of running MT locally. I’m going to hack it properly, but since I put full posts in the feed, not a huge deal. (If you need to visit the site, type the thing into your browser or use a bookmark or somethin’ for a couple days ‘till I get that sorted.)

As for the future of SWIM? More on that later…