GB setlistEP

Ok, I’m sick of posting everything about my GB set at the GB blog…I’m the only person doing that, I think the only other person performing at GB who is on that blog is Oliver, so I’m going to put the final set list right here, for you who dare to venture here:

  1. Com’on

  2. The Future That Was (Josh Joplin)

  3. Closed for the Year

  4. I Really Need a Chorus

  5. Gospel Bar Song

  6. Latter Days (Over the Rhine) (played a bit uptempo for time)

  7. American Dream Town

Ahh…the number of perfection! There were two other songs I would like to play, but these 7 work out to exactly 30 minutes with very little chit chat in-between. The two that got squeezed were: Numb Us and Lukewarm (New End Original).

I just got a call from the studio owner where I’m supposed to have been recording, and he’s (finally) ready. I just have to call him back and he’ll pick me up. The producer doesn’t get here until Sunday, but we can at least get something started. Still not sure about the whole thing, but whatever. In case I’ve never mentioned which tunes are going on the EP, here are the most likely 4:

  1. Com’on

  2. Closed for the Year

  3. I Really Need a Chorus

  4. American Dream Town

Numb Us and You Say are the other two potentials, but I’m pretty set on those four for the EP. I’m toying with the idea of doing Com’on off my home studio, and maybe one more at a different studio, just for kicks. It’s all about time. I don’t have much. 4 weeks to be precise.

Later: Didn’t start! Starting Monday, this time I’m pretty sure for sure: the producer is coming from Croatia Sunday.

Later still: The Road That Never Ends is also a big potential for the EP…the tracks off my home studio are pretty good for that one as well…so it may turn out to be a 5 song EP! I am still thinking about it, though…it is similar to Com’on in that they are both pretty bluesy numbers. Of the track list I have above, it goes blues-ish, country-ish, kinda standard slow tune, kinda straight ahead rock/americana. I don’t know if adding a true blues tune in there would add to the EP. I am already planning an additional record later this year with my own productions of the “rest” of the tunes (demos of some can be found on the music page)…tunes that would go on a record should a label come along…and doing it through Cafepress’ nifty CD program. Maybe I should just stick to the orig. 4 for an EP and plan on the “remainders” CD…