The Studio

I can’t really adequately describe to you the experience of this studio session.

This is the front door to the building the studio is in. The building was, quite literally, on the front line during the war, and 1/4 of the building is still burned out and empty. Some guy pisses, it is definately human piss, I assume it is a guy, in the hallway just inside this door, every single day. Sometimes he pisses in the elevator, too. Last night when I was leaving I literally couldn’t breathe in the elevator.

And oh, the elevator. It gets stuck, it makes great noises. While passing the 4th floor (studio is on the 7th), every single time, it makes two loud, long scraping noises.

Once in the apartment, though, it is like a different world. The creative minds at work, the people hanging out, the magic of the studio, as it were. This shot is of Elvis on the first day. So far he has been right 99% of the time on any issue with the music. This is why we pay him to be the producer. :)

The man in this photograph was not really singing at the time. This is a staged photograph.

We are almost done, should finish tracking today and mixing and mastering tomorrow. Elvis has some German chick waiting for him on the coast, so he’s anxious to wrap it up. Tomorrow I will hopefully meet some CD printing people, if I wake up early enough (meant to do it Friday but slept until 1:30pm after being in the studio until 5:00am). Hopefully they won’t need much time. I’m anxious to wrap up the entire project and have CD’s in my hand. :)

I haven’t done anything else but be in the studio since Tuesday, but I have never felt so productive. In the meantime Lance is winning his 5th Tour de France, joining a very small club indeed. In the meantime life has been going on all around, but I have been blissfully unaware, lost in some of the most fulfilling work of my life.