Funny Conversation

Just got back from the open-air market I go to sometimes. There is one guy there who I’ve gotten to know, he speaks english with me. We had the funniest conversation today:

First off, I think I was a bit more comfortable because the place was unusually quiet today. Normally the chaos messes with my head a bit.

Second off, you have to understand this guy sells vegetables at the market, but he is easily one of the most intelligent people I have met in Sarajevo. You can see that he understands a great deal in a short amount of time.

So the funny thing was I told him that Miriam went to the coast last weekend by herself. He immediately shot me a look that just made me laugh. He said, “I would not do that.” A bit later he said, “You have a very beautiful wife.” And a bit later, “Keep your wife.” I was laughing so much. I said, “What am I going to do? Leash her?” and asked, “Why, do you know something I don’t?” Of course not, but the conversation was really funny because we were communicating a lot in-between the words. Like I said, a very intelligent, perceptive guy.