New Section

This is primarily for the benefit of RSS readers: there is a new section on the site for the music stuff, for now static HTML at the top of the home page. ATM it has some graphics for the EP and the shirt, soon I will have links up to buy the stuff, and after that some more info about the band, etc.

Direct link the blog is now (in case you didn’t know and inte…org/daniel are the same thing), it’s just a bit further down the page is all.

All the images are black and white–this is primarily for the look of the page, my real colors are black and tan. The shirts are indeed black and white, however, and the actual disk itself may have to be printed in one color (black), although what I really want can be seen if you click on the disk image on the homepage. You can also get the shirt graphics by clicking on the shirt images–feel free to use them liberally.

Also some subtle design changes and bug fixes, including the return of the link to the RSS feed. Can’t believe I had neglected that! Thanks Jason for pointing that out, and to Dan for exposing a bug with the “permalinks.” Speaking of links, next thing is to get the archives back up. I didn’t realize how much old content was being asked for until I saw my error log–my code looking for files I haven’t reformatted and uploaded yet.