Love Hate Relationship

I like that people here are passionate and actually have an opinion; I hate that conversations are mostly arguments.

I like that the roads are interesting to drive; I hate that it takes hours to go anywhere.

I like that I can’t get a speeding ticket; I hate that whenever I am a passenger I must make full use of the ohshit handle.

I like that sexuality is more out in the open; I hate that I have to stop being surprised every time I find out about a married person having something going on the side.

I like having a bite of meat now and again, knowing it wasn’t raised in a pen on steroids; I hate not being a pescatarian anymore.

I like having the freedom to abuse alcohol and cigarettes; I hate being a drunk chain smoker.

I like that M finally feels at home and actualized; I hate being alone.

I like hearing different languages; I hate never understanding a thing.

I like experiencing different cultures; I hate never finding jokes funny.

"You're not like born again or anything, are you?" she asked me earnestly. I thought for a moment. "Well, not really. It's just beautiful, don't you think?"

–page 143 in Ash Wednesday