Such a Dorkutopiathe Record

I was attempting to read an article at v-2 when I realized what my creative/informational utopia on the web is, and of course SWIM is the enactment of that utopia. is a really fantastic place in both interface design, informational design, and content. That is what I want for all the most brilliant people I know, but right now the tools out there only really work for writers, and then only within the blogging paradigm. I want a system for the production and consumption of digital creative content that is as easy, intuitive and helpful as blogging is for online journal writers. That’s the endpoint for SWIM.

I want to wake up in the morning, dial up (unless I somehow end up back in the West), and be able to instantly download all the new content from my cadre of creatives all over the world. Then I’ll disconnect, consume, be inspired. Doesn’t matter if I then have to go to work for 8 hours, or get to immediately turn around and create/contribute to the community, that stuff will inform my existance, my creative unfolding as a human being sharing this planet with the rest of you. Period. I will be a more spiritual being and it won’t matter for the networks or the publishing conglomerates or the big record labels or hollywood. And eventually it might all sustain itself.

I remember when I was a kid I’d play role-playing games. I was always interested in creating this amazing team of characters, each with different abilities. I was also a big fan of the A-team. I feel like I exist within a very cool create-o-sphere that includes a philosopher-theologin (Dan Hughes), an alt-culture film-maker (Scott Gravatt), a graphic-medium story-writer (David Hopkins), a graphic artist (Ben Bubar), an architect/archiver, technologists, musicians, writers, etc.

On a different note, I’ve been trying to explain the musical style of the Americana EP, and I’ve been using Tom Petty for comparison. And while I like to think there is little-to-no triteness on the record, there are also no love songs. I promise, should a full-length be in my future, there will be love songs on it.