The Cardigans on Morning Becomes Eclectic

KCRW Music: Morning Becomes Eclectic

later: mp3’s already avail on the ‘net…gotta love that ‘net.

I had been waiting for this, and it is amazing! Well worth your 40 minutes to watch this…

I didn’t even realize that the record hadn’t come out yet in the States…I got my hands on a copy last June thanks to Mr. Baxter. I also got A Camp in November. Between those two records I became a bona fide Nina Persson starfucker.


Their website is a blog! {RSS} And now I see the US release has a bonus DVD…guess I’m picking it up!

Lots of good media on the site…

later: ah well she’s taken (that’s her husband there…it took some doing to find this out though :)

later still!: 11 aug. Dallas!! with liz phair!!