The Stories We Leave Behind 2 I

Thursday Dan told me that Kausar had called him earlier to tell him of an interesting garage sale near Southwestern.

“Big propellers and stuff from early-to-mid last century.” So yesterday afternoon I called Kausar and got directions. He said it was next to an old blue house under a big tent.

Well we found an old blue house but no tent. Almost just left it at that, but I saw a person in a warehouse behind the house, and decided while we were there we might as well ask if there was a sale going on.

Sure enough, they had just moved everything inside on account of the rain. We looked around, and there were many interesting things. Lots of very old wood propellers and rowing sculls. Basket of old ping pong balls. Copies of the Dallas Morning News from the 60’s. Many old tools. Boxes of mini-chandelier parts. Instruments from some very devious medical trade the specifics of which I do not want to speculate upon. Handcarved crown molding circa 1900. Old scales, boxes, suitcases, theatre seats, books about airplanes…

The door to the house was open, and I debated just taking a look sans permission, but ended up asked the guy there if we could look at the house. He said no problem; it was set to be torn down after the estate-sale-of-the-bizzare was over on the weekend.

These shots are all from inside the house. Click on these for the full versions, in case you hadn’t figured that out yet. More to come tomorrow.