Just Call Me a Gallery Owner Although There Is No Ownership Whatsoever

This is going to be the craziest month evAr.

So Thursday I was walking to the gibson co office to drop my rent check, and I noticed a storefront/residential space available on exposition. Flashback w/in a flashback: last Friday KM and I made a quick walk over to a gallery show in the space next-door to the space in question, and in-between admiring the amazing art on display there I repeated, “This is exactly the kind of space I originally imagined for IR!” I did not notice the empty space next-door last Friday, but immediately put it together Thursday–it was almost identical. So while dropping the rent I made an inquiry–it is managed by the same company–and went to take a look.

Long story short: it was a lot less than I thought, and I negotiated a bit more out of the deal as well, and recruited a partner who will be curating and working out of the gallery and office spaces, and closed the whole deal…all in 24 hours.

…just in time for 600lbs of my crap from Bosnia to be delivered to the new place, leaving me with not-that-much stuff to move from my current location one street over. I’m planning on moving over the course of the next week.

…so here I am, stretched to the core in every way already, and entering into another high-risk venture…and I couldn’t be more excited and positive…(and the Tour de France started today!)

It’s going to be an interesting few months here.