Polyphonic Spree Record Release Partay

some images click, some don’t…

good records. click.

Went to the The Polyphonic Spree record release at Good Records. Bits:

family hughes

Family Hughes getting the very first signings, literally.

family hughes and tim delaughter

Good mexican food and free beer! And free Monster to keep you up all night.

very long singing table. clicky.

signing table with people

I had this short conversation with the drummer [paraphrased]:

“Listen to the record,” he instructs me.

“Actually, I have been,” I inform him.

“Oh,” he surprises.

“A friend hooked me up with it a few weeks ago.”

Look of irritation and subtle confusion: “Where’d he get it?”

“I don’t know, from a friend who always has everything. The original source is unknown.”

More irritation, possible pissy-ness [me realizing maybe I shouldn’t have said anything], something like, “Yeah you never know with these things.”

“But I came and got the actual artifact!” holding up signed CD leaf dramatically.

“That’s a good thing!” somewhat condescendingly.

“But you’re what? A 23-member band now? At 15 bucks, even if you got all the money from it, that’s less than a buck a person. That’s harsh!”

“Yeah…” trailing out and looking dejected.

“I felt like I should have just come here, gone down the line and given everybody a couple bucks.”

Look of astonishment. Me realizing I shouldn’t go into the whole rethinking-distribution tirade of Integration Research. Move on to next person.