Little Bits

Internet is still flaky at the new place, having to hang at the Rudds to get stuff done online. A few more tasks and then I’m sequestering myself for a couple weeks anyway. August is going to be a crazy cool month around here, though, so stay tuned.

Emily is back from Bosnia, bringing precious Auras with her, and I think I recognized every single place she photodocumented. Very jealous. Wish Mr. Henderson was going to be there longer, I’ll be up for a trip next summer.

The permalink is dead, long live the permalink. I’m referenced in this AKMA post, but he links only to the root of, not the actual article I wrote. So now a Google of my name will turn up next-wave. Bah.

Amanita Design is a solo Czech guy in Brno. He did the Polyphonic Spree flash game that’s on their site and the new CD/DVD (which you should go purchase ASAHP). He also did something similar called Samorost.

unhappy meal.

PBS Art21: Consumption. via that the cremaster cycle.

It IS about the bike: a blog by Lance Armstrong’s bike.