Now Aint the Time for Your Tears

David mused:

Do the sum total of one’s interests and hobbies equate to an “identity?” Maybe not twenty years ago. But now, our interests and hobbies have become much more sophiscated and nuanced–with magazines, role models, mass consumption, 24 hour media, communal and solitary expressions. These interests become linked to our fashion sense, our values, and perspective. We no longer identify; we advertise our identity.

From rhythm science by paul miller:

The term “vector” comes from geometry and refers to a line of fixed length and direction but no fixed position. Consider the way ideas move through our minds and bodies. There is no fixed position. There’s only the improvisational nature of recall. Thought vector: the relationship between a geometry and a geography of information…by extension, one could think more abstractly of a vector as a relation between a determinate and an indeterminate property…

There’s always more than one map to the territory: You just have to intuit the terrain…Unpack the meanings, unstuff the fragments and the logic remains the same: the part speaks for the whole, the whole is an extension of the part…But what happens when the memories filter through the machines we use to process culture and become software–a constantly updated, always turbulent terrain more powerful than the machine through which it runs?

Again from Sacred Journey:

We are all trapeze artists; to get from one side to the other we have to be willing to let go of the trapeze we are holding, and hang for a few moments in suspended animation before we grasp the next support on our wild ride into the unknown.

I just finished hanging my work for this weekend’s show. As I sat down at the computer, daunted by the amount of work I have yet to do, eyes completely bloodshot, Bob Dylan’s Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll was playing on the stereo.

I don’t know what I’m trying to say with this post either. You may live an honest life. You may intentionally tell complete lies to manipulate others for your means (all the while accusing others of being compulsive liars–beware! the compulsive liar accuser).

You may allow your mind, and more importantly your heart, the winding trails it desires to skip upon. You may seek comfort and priviledge above all things.

To the latter in either case (and they seem to cohabitate nicely), all I can say is: I’m sorry for you and yours, and may you be on your way.

The the former in either (and they do seem to go hand in hand), all I can say is: Yay.