A First Maybe

today i was solicited by a prostitute. i think.

i was in oak cliff. i had just stopped at a texaco to fill up my tires, which were much too low for their own good. i’m pulling out of texaco…

oh shit i have to admit that i smoke to tell this story. oh well. i think most of you know or could have guessed.

i see a woman standing on the sidewalk talking on her cell phone, looking like she’s ready to go out to the clubs or something, except it’s 3:15 in the afternoon, and i think to myself, “that looks like a prostitute!” which i thought odd because of the neighborhood (maybe not?), so then i thought, “nah.”

she sees me and gives me the sign for “can i bum a smoke?” so i roll down my passenger side window and give her one. and the conversation went like this. i’ll leave it to you to decide:

“thanks. can you give me a ride?”

“um, sure, where to?” thinking that if it’s the direction i’m heading anyway, no problem.

“i don’t know. i need to make some money.”

“…” thinking: wtf? oh shit! “no.”

“no?” she acted surprised. i’m wondering, did i miss something? is there some secret communication between prostitutes and their clients i’m not privy to? did i give the sign unknowningly? and worst of all, do i look like that kind of guy? (don’t answer that question!)

i pulled away. end of story.

i sold art tonight, which was a great feeling. an art prof bought a piece. like, she has her phd in ART, people. that is very cool. and i think i might have been the only person to sell work tonight. i’m also pretty sure mine was the least expensive there (out of something like 15 artists).

after that show i went to see my favorite band, the happy bullets, play at my favorite bar, sons of hermann. their set made me very happy indeed. after they played a new band with local luminaries from bedhead/the new year and some other bigger local acts played and they were also very good.

and i didn’t drink a thing.

more happy story tomorrow.

like my local barkeep would say: “even a blind squirrel will back into a nut every now and then.”

*Update: I’ve since remembered this one time, driving from Czech Rep to Germany, through a town notorious for prostitutes (border town and all), a woman flashed us (there was someone else with me). There was, like, snow on the ground at the time. She was standing next to a little hut. Kinda scary.