Rip Mix Burn the Bush Administration

I already spoke my peace about Creative Commons, and have yet to implement a CC license on any DJDC content. But for once I don’t want to have to give individual permissions to mess with my IP. I want as many people as possible remixing this shit, re-writing it, re-record the whole thing, just use the words in some random thing, DO WHATEVER YOU WANT WITH THIS TRACK, make money on it, license your new shit any way you want, all you have to do is stick my name on it somewhere: the following song is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license:

The Bush Administration

I actually wrote this song a few months ago, but I’ve just recently returned to my D12 to cut demos. While I like this tune, it’s not the kind of thing I can do much with on my own, and I wanted it out there before elections. So I threw this mix together pretty quick (I throw all my demos together quickly due to some subconscious utilitarian taskmaster who tells me it’s a waste of time), hoping the world wide interwebbie could make use of it before it’s too late.

Here are the lyrics and an approximation of the chords for The Bush Administration

E - B - A - B - E - B - A - G E - B - A - B - E - B - A - G - F# I made you, I’ll break you I made you and I will destroy your life 2x

E - B - F# - G Power corrupts Ridiculous power corrupts ridiculously 2x

I love you, die for me I love you, die for me and my bank account 2x

chorus: It’s not lying, it’s not deception It’s creative use of the truth 2x

Here are the individual tracks (just one guitar and one vocal) for those who know what to do with such things (and if you need a better copy, just contact me)…please don’t listen to the vocal only track just for shits and giggles (so embarrassing!)

Well interwebbie, I didn’t abort this thing, I decided to pop it out, so now give it a good, loving home (where it can grow) will you!