This Is What You Should Do

  1. rent Once Upon a Time in Mexico on DVD. if a friend happens to own OUaTiM because of an impulse buy a while back, all the better.

  2. watch the movie (optional). (if in the mood for a mindless flick with lots of gratuitous violence and perpetually backstabbing characters.)

  3. watch the three featurettes in the special features section of the dvd.

  4. the next three steps may be experienced in any order:

4a. jealousy

4b. covet

4c. motivation

Update: I forgot: 4d. hunger. for pork of all things.

  1. drive home (if home already, then just do a big loop or something). drive fast down a sunken highway at night while listening to the new Green Day record really loud.

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not: OMG. Ray LaMontagne.

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