Do Not Miss

Christopher Williams at Alexanders Hideaway Saturday night. Not only do Christopher and I have the same godmother, but he is an amazing artist. I went to see him in VA in 2002. If you still need persuading, CW - Live - TreadLight, Every Time I Say Goodbye, These Days, all from’s page for CW.

Please get in touch with me by tomorrow afternoon if you are interested–I’m getting tickets then, and can reserve a table if I have enough RSVP’s.

UPDATE: I was listening to my CW records and decided you must hear this tune: Whipple’s Last Customer (5M mp3)

‘nuther update: There is a photog show somewhere in my building Sat night as well, which I am planning on hitting after the CW show, by Scot Vandergriff and Misty Maberry.

Dan Cederholm casually mentioned his “music playing days.” Cathode turns out to be really outstanding music, all available to download on the site.

My friend John Athayde (site) is quoted in Wired Magazine.

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