Faced with the binaries of the Great Consumer Holiday or Buy Nothing Christmas, we try for a positive alternative, a proposition with action, an attempt to revitalize the true meaning of Gift.

It just so happened we’ve been developing some software with sharing in mind. It’s an ethic we’d like to explore; we wanted a tool to help us; we created Smart Commons and Smart Commons Collection. Give them a spin this Christmas, once the Spin of Christmas has worn off. What else are you going to do with all that stuff?

Please spread the word/meme. Use whichever URL you like, they’re all the same:

Here’s the code to throw on yer blog:

Smart Commons and Smart Commons Collection are both in the beta stage. They work fine, really. Dan has been working his ass off getting this thing ready for release. But he is an army of one, like, for real, not like that other army, so be nice. And look forward to good stuff.