The Soundtrack to My Life V202

dealingwith’s January 2005 soundtrack (57.2M ZIP of mp3’s)

Cake - Jesus Wrote a Blank Check
Cake - Jolene
Cake - You Part the Waters
Cake - Rock & Roll Lifestyle
Cake - Ain’t No Good
Cake - Haze of Love
Cake - Is This Love?
Mountain Goats - Home Again Garden Grove
Mountain Goats - All Up the Seething Coast
Mountain Goats - Quito
Mountain Goats - Cotton
Mountain Goats - Against Pollution
Mountain Goats - Pigs That Ran Straightaway into the Water, Triumph Of
Cake - Mr. Mastodon Farm
Starsailor - Some of Us
Postal Service - District Sleeps Alone Tonight
Matt Pond PA - Last Song

I’m not sure who’s singing these songs to whom, but they are the ones that have stuck out at me lately. 17 songs, 5 artists, nothing I’ve uploaded here before (although many of you may have most or all of these already); but I’m not telling what’s in there. If things go badly, I am going to do something cool with this playlist, although the order in the m3u file might not be final if that is the case.