Unhappy Hour

Joey Seeman (see also), and Pigeon-Stone Project at the Magnolia present, “The Unhappy Hour,” featuring jilted lovers and unhappy bar patrons.

24 February - 6 April Opening Reception Friday 25 February 2005 6:30-8:30 3699 McKinney Avenue in the fabulous West Village 2 clam margaritas

Don’t let all the references to the devil/evil/etc. scare you away, Joey is a cool, down-to-earth guy with great, fun work. Hope to see you there (I’ll be there ~7.30-8.30).

headlining see and be seen:

Aside from having a last name that evokes childish playground humor, Joey Seeman is a nationally and locally acclaimed artist (just look at the work he does for this paper) with an art style that broils in its expressionism. The main thing to remember is that Seeman's paintings are not family-friendly. His art is decrepit, sleazy, disgusting, embarrassing, lustful, homoerotic, misogynistic, lurid and cheap. And in an America that seems to have lost touch with reality as it drifts further and further to the right, his style is stirring, meaningful, soothing, unapologetic, innocent, beautiful, relevant, insightful and obtuse. Seeman's latest visual compilation is titled The Unhappy Hour, which depicts those familiar denizens of the bar life, and we're not talking about those suckers on Cheers. It's hard to tell if Seeman is recognizing or empathizing with these characters; either way, your eyes will not revolt as you take in the way-past-her-prime barfly and her drinking buddy, the too-slick-to-stay-sober businessman.

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