Blogging Hair

Jason Fried talked about sunk cost last Saturday (aside) (aside2: I am somewhere in this picture..theoretically). Later in the weekend over drinks Dan described my anxiety as sunk cost. Lea just talked about zero sum.

When it comes down to it:

  • I already ate too much dinner
  • I already bought {fill in the blank}
  • I already wasted that time
  • I already made that decision
  • My hair is already in the trash

I had Sarah Jane chop my hair today. Still keeping a (recently trimmed) beard for now…

Sunk cost is just our new vocab for a very old concept.

Do try to make it tonight to the Gallery. Great show by Patrick Rhodes. Also: …bit later: Just read his artist statement. Checkit:

My drawings are investigations of the modern agora. The word agora means a physical place of meeting but also has connotations to the assembly of people as well. Through studies of formal structure and relationships I am ale to better understand the modern city as an agora and the effects that the objects it is composed of have on the inhabitants. The structures and organization of the city reveal conscious and unconscious, positive and negative ideals of social order. Building forms become personifications showing power, insecurity, protection, weakness, interacting amongst themselves and with the landscape as well. The agora moves beyond the physical and becomes the assembly itself. Structures of the city carve through, shadow, and structure natural surroundings. There is an absence of human presence, but always an element of control. The viewer is left alone to interact with the structures and in turn identify his place within the agora.
As for now I have been focusing on the street. Since my move back to Dallas from Boston and the necessity of the car, the street has become more dominant in my work. Past the actual structure of the street cutting through the landscape, dividing areas within the agora and creating numerous pathways in which to choose a direction, the surface takes on a personality, revealing certain relationships with the surrounding elements and its role within the agora. The painted marks reveal systems, which provide life to the agora, shadows created by buildings and nature carve and cover the street showing dominance, cracks indicate weaknesses and age, and guidelines demand rules and restrictions. The stage is set.